Word Processor and PDF Editor

AbleWord is a very capable word processing application that can read and write most popular document formats including PDF's.
It is fully featured, supporting image formatting, tables, headers & footers and includes spell checking and print preview functions. Best of all it is totally free even for commercial use.

Edit PDF files as simply as Word® documents

There are a few free Word Processing packages available for Windows but none come close to the features offered by AbleWord. It is highly compatible with popular document formats including .DOC & .DOCX but Ableword can also open and save as a PDF which makes it a very useful tool to have.

AbleWord can read and write the following file types:
  • Microsoft Word® (doc, docx)
  • Adobe® PDF (pdf)
  • Rich Text (rtf)
  • Plain Text (txt)
  • HTML (html, htm)

AbleWord very simple to install and use, it is commonly used as a PDF Editor and also for converting PDF to Word® but of course it is also a splendid Word processor and supports most of Microsoft Word® features.

For more information see our getting started guide or online help.

Latest News

March 9th 2015
v3.0 released. Faster PDF loading. Ability to import PDF Text only.

October 10th 2013
v2.1 released. Added "check for updates" function and minor bug fixes

August 12th 2013
v2.0 released. Now includes PDF read/write ability and spell checking.

April 7th 2013
v1.6 released. HTML import/export, fixes to Docx table formatting.